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Ingwe Safaris offers South African game hunting for the whole family. We work hard to make you safari experience with us cherished and memorable. We specialize in Plains-Game with over 30 species readily available. Defiantly the best bang for your buck. Great fun the whole family can partake in and enjoy.

Along with Plains-Game Ingwe has Big5 hunting opportunities as well. We hunt Lion, Cape Buffalo, Rhino, Elephant and Crocodile. Leopard is political and hard to obtain permits for in the RSA.

We have put together two very popular hunting packages for plains game. One is our 5 Animal Special $4500 and the other is out Family Package $6195. We really enjoy the wives and kids hunting with us. Our hunting packages are all inclusive and highly successful. We work very hard to give you more than you expected or paid for.

Lieb DuRaan owner of Ingwe Safaris


Mr. Du Raan (Lieb) is the owner of a Ranch - 7,000 acres. He also hunts concessions as large as 50,000 acres. There is over thirty different species of plains game to hunt with Ingwe Safaris. Lieb has became one of the most established and trusted safari operators in the Northern Cape Province. He boasts a 50% return rate with his safari clients. Lieb as he goes by, will do everything in his power to make your South African safari the most memorable trip you have ever taken.

Jerry Starkey - North American Bookings & Logistics

Jerry Starkey is one of our North American bookings agents.  He maintains this website as well. Jerry has hunted with Ingwe Safaris on multiple occasions and is well rounded in the hunting industry. He has the first hand experience and the knowledge to take care of your safari arrangements with our outfit.  He is a Outfitter in his home state of Oklahoma as well.  He knows how North American hunters expect to be treated and the obstacles they can encounter.
Jerry is the one whom you will be contacting and spend alot of phone time with before you leave. He will take care of you.

Northern Cape Province - South Africa


This Northern Cape sunset forms a great part of the magical and exciting hunting environment that we offer. Ingwe Safaris is situated near a town called Douglas. It is a small town in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa, Douglas is also called the “Miracle in the Middle”, for it is nestled on the fertile soil at the confluence of South Africa’s two largest rivers - the Orange and the Vaal - right in the middle of the country, and offers many attractions for its visitors

Douglas & Kimberly South Africa

Kimberly - the Capital City of the Northern Cape Province. The city of Kimberly, important for being the headquarters of Cecil John Rhodes’ De Beers Consolidated Mines and the main trading center in the Northern Cape, is the worlds largest producer and distributor of rough diamonds. The Northern Cape is also known for its wide variety of wild life, unique hunting environments and safaris. Ingwe Safaris is located about a hour outside of Kimberly near the town of Douglas, South Africa.


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